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    14KW system in Framingham. 50 panels generating up to 91KWH per day!

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    Newton Kitchen Total Remodeling

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    8KW in Plymouth. The right size system for the right house.

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    Choose the right equipment for the right shade conditions.

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    Ground mount systems make sense under the right conditions. You can save thousands!

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    A lower electric bill means more cash for the things you really enjoy

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    No project is too small or too large

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    We only use the best components

This Calculator will help you get a ball park idea of the size system you will need to cover 100% of your energy needs. This calculator is customized for the north east climate. The north east of the united states is rated at 4.3 hours of sunlight per day in average. This rating is very conservative but a great starting point. Most of the systems i have installed outperform this rating.


Input the last 12 months of energy usage from your electricity bill. This information is usually on the second page of your bill towards the bottom under Electricity Used.

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