• 1

    14KW system in Framingham. 50 panels generating up to 91KWH per day!

  • 2

    Newton Kitchen Total Remodeling

  • 3

    8KW in Plymouth. The right size system for the right house.

  • 4

    Choose the right equipment for the right shade conditions.

  • 5

    Ground mount systems make sense under the right conditions. You can save thousands!

  • 6

    A lower electric bill means more cash for the things you really enjoy

  • 7

    No project is too small or too large

  • 8

    We only use the best components

Before you start your solar project put all your ducks on row. The following is basic check list with some helpful links.

  1. Contact your energy company
  2. Clean energy for residential MassCEC
  3. Massachusetts System of Assurance of Net Metering Eligibility - MassACA
  4. Find the right solar equipment. On Call Electric will assist you
  5. Call us for installation quote

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