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    14KW system in Framingham. 50 panels generating up to 91KWH per day!

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    Newton Kitchen Total Remodeling

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    8KW in Plymouth. The right size system for the right house.

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    Choose the right equipment for the right shade conditions.

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    Ground mount systems make sense under the right conditions. You can save thousands!

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    A lower electric bill means more cash for the things you really enjoy

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    No project is too small or too large

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    We only use the best components

The rising cost of conventional power generation has made Solar not just a green alternative but the future of electricity. The future is here. More and and more home owners like you come to us because they are tired of paying their energy utility companies ever increasing rates. The idea of going solar can be a daunting financial proposition. While the cost of solar equipment continues to go down, the cost of installation continues to go up. That is where we at OnCallElectric come in. We are an independent installer without the big overhead or big salaries of large solar companies and we are here to stay.

The Incentives

The fed has a 30% tax credit base on the total cost of your solar systems. In other words if the total cost of your solar installation (parts and labor) is 21k, you will receive $7,000 in federal tax credits. Massachusetts also has a $1,000 state tax incentive. In addition to that, the renewable energy SMART program will also reduce the time to recover your investment. All these incentives are only available to you if you own your solar system. Leased solar systems do NOT benefit consumers other than a reduced electric bill.

The benefits of owning vs leasing a solar system:

  • Federal and state tax credits
  • SMART renewable energy insentive program
  • Choose your solar components
  • 1 year installation warranty of installation. We offer an extended warranty, call for additional information
  • 10 to 25-year panel manufacturer PRODUCT warranty
  • 25-year panel manufacturer OUTPUT warranty
  • 10 to 25-year inverter manufacturer warranty
  • Sale your house without hassle.

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